The last thing you want is a problem with the Local Fire Department. PFS is a leader in the design, installation and testing of fire alarms and sprinklers in New England. We’ll make sure your equipment meets or exceeds local & state fire codes, while providing ongoing maintenance so your fire protection is always ready for action.

For more than 14 years facility managers & business owners have trusted us with the safety of their employees and property. Whether a restaurant, retail commercial or industrial building, PFS has the experience to meet the unique needs of your industry and location. PFS installs, tests and services most major brands, so give us a call today!
PFS can custom design a fire alarm system to protect your most valuable assets. Our master electricians will evaluate the design of your building, then suggest the most efficient way to maximize protection.

Once designed, PFS puts the plan into action, installing each of the pieces of the system. Our technicians are continuously trained to keep up with the ever changing technology and regulations, letting you rest easy knowing you’re protected.
Fire pumps are the heart of a fire suppression system. If the water cannot be delivered, the fire will not be extinguished. Several factors can degrade the performance of fire pumps - corrosive environments, tampering, accidental damages or careless use can compromise its performance in the event of an emergency. Yearly fire pump inspections from PFS can determine the pump’s condition, operability and any maintenance that needs to be completed.
Even with a professional installation, the electronic components that make up your fire alarm system can degrade over time and compromise its performance. For this reason, PFS offers fire alarm testing and inspection to keep your fire alarm system working properly year after year. Reports are generated to insure compliance with your insurance company’s requirements.

Our technicians work to verify that all connections are solid, flame sensors and smoke detectors are calibrated properly, and more. Most manufacturers recommend at least one full annual test and inspection, but each state and/or town have mandates on how often fire alarm systems should be tested. Contact Us if you have a question about the regulations in your town or state.

In addition to these services we offer sprinkler and extinguisher testing.
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December 01, 2008
Time to Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors
With the Winter Heating Season here PFS suggests you make sure your carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries (if applicable) and are in working order. We hope you stay safe this winter.

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